Chainworks Incorporated is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best quality products and services available at competitive pricing. Through our highly skilled staff and valued supplier partnerships, we give you a competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

Chain Works Incorporated

We are a complete global supply chain management company and have been providing value-added services to our customers since 1992. Whether you need all or a portion of supply chain support, Chainworks Incorporated is here for you!

Our Extensive Services

Our Extensive Services

You can choose to use one of the manufacturers of Chainworks Incorporated, or we can locate a qualified, competitive supplier to fit your unique needs.

Chainworks Incorporated provides full technical support for every product launch as well as VA/VE services to optimize product form, fit, and function.

CWI has an outstanding Global Engineering Team with over 100 years of combined experience. We strive to provide world class quality at the most economical prices. Partner with us and we’ll show you our industry leading performance!

Chainworks Incorporated has in-house experts to provide you with a customized freight solution.  Whether its expedited or consolidated sea freight, CWI can provide you with an economical and seamless solution.  Depend on us for any of your logistics needs!

Our planning department works very closely with our customers to translate daily, weekly, and monthly demand into consolidated sea freight.  CWI safety stock allows our customers JIT and flexible same day change in demand service. All to ensure 100% on-time delivery for our customers.

With strategic warehousing locations in US, Mexico and Europe, Chainworks Incorporated services our customers through advanced planning and safety stock to fit your needs.   

Whether You Need One or All Of These Services, Chainworks Incorporated is Here to Serve Your Global Supply Chain Needs.